What is Gather Movement?

We are a group of people who are passionate about working together to see our places improved socially, culturally, environmentally and spiritually. We are involved in bringing the Christian community together in over 150 cities and towns as a network of networks to work alongside the wider community.

We may be leaders of churches and charities; we may work in education, business or the arts, however, we all share a common vision: to see our city/town be transformed.

We stand with each other across the nation as one Gather Movement to support one another and share best practice.

We are also part of an international movement called Movement Day that links over 300 cities across the world in a similar vision.

This movement we are part of is a paradigm shift from independent, silo-based thinking towards a more expansive, interdependent, strategic and orchestrated approach to city transformation.

what are our Values?

We are going to focus on our places because cities and towns matter.
  • We are going to do this together because relationships matter.
  • We believe nothing is beyond God’s love because everything matters.
  • We are utterly dependent on the power of God because prayer matters.
  • We are going to do things differently because innovation and creativity matter.
  • We are in this for the long haul because those who stay for generations matter.
  • We will be honest and grounded in reality because measuring the impact matters.
  • We will create a new culture of humility because egoless leadership matters.
  • We will release the 99% of Christians in the spheres of life, because they matter.

Our VISION is to see all UK cities and towns have a mature expression of city transformation-based unity.

We Work…
We work locally
  • Encouraging relational unity amongst churches and organisations
  • Harnessing the resources of the churches
  • Being strategic and coordinated, engaging with business and civic leaders
  • Coordinating prayer across a town/city
  • Supporting God’s people in the spheres of life to effect transformation
  • Being involved in the cultural change conversation across a town/city
We work Nationally

Bringing together people and organisations to respond to specific issues that in turn benefit towns and cities

Movement for Recovery

 The Vision is to see a unified church working together and in partnership with the public, private and other third sector providers to see every city and town recover and be renewed.

Kick-started by a challenge from Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham in June 2020, Movement for Recovery is our response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are working with a number of different towns and cities to see a more strategic and coordinated response to recovery and renewal. It is about working better together to get people into jobs, business back on its feet, improve food provision, getting people out of debt, supporting those with mental health challenges, providing friendship to the isolated and supporting our kids and young people.


Movement for Homelessness and Housing

Movement for Homelessness and Housing brings together like-minded people with a heart to see everyone safely housed. We run regular summits and conferences and have created a private Face Book group which is a space for shared learning to help develop partnership frameworks in our places, where people can share stories, articles, comments and questions to help us learn together.

Find out more

Movement for School Readiness

 We are working together with practitioners and supportive organisations with the aim of honouring, supporting and resourcing the great work the church does with pre-school-aged children, their families and carers. This should result in even more children and families being ready to get the most out of life together, and their time at school, thus increasing their life opportunities.

For more information, contact David King: daking22@btinternet.com



Movement for prayer is bringing together unity movement leaders and the movements themselves to encourage, support and resource each other as we pray for our places and ourselves.

We are also bringing together groups across our different places to pray into national needs that affect us all.

For more information, contact David King: daking22@btinternet.com

We work Internationally

We are part of a growing international family of people who are working together in their cities all over the globe. From Mumbai to Sydney, Durban to Charlotte and Berlin to Hong Kong. This growing network of networks is called Movement Day and was started in 2010 in New York. We are very thankful for all the support we receive from our friends in other cities and the facilitating work provided by movement.org

The vision is to see by 2030 over 2,000 cities with mature unity movements working together to see the transformation of their places. We join with this global movement to share best practice and support each other in this bigger vision.

Find more info at movement.org


How did all this begin and what are the main moments in our story?


Strategic Partnerships

The Gather Movement partners with a range of organisations to help church unity groups think through and deliver social, cultural and spiritual change in their locality. We presently have a small number of strategic partnerships:

Bible Society 


The Bible Society exist to help bring the Bible to life. In collaboration with them, we are exploring how the Bible can help us explore values and vision for the future of our towns and cities.

Evangelical alliance


We work with a range of denominations and church streams but it was the Evangelical Alliance who helped birth the Gather Movement. They continue to support the Movement as we bring churches together to serve their towns and cities.

Kintsugi Hope


We’re delighted to partner with Kintsugi Hope, striving to make a difference to peoples mental wellbeing. We want to see a world where mental and emotional health is understood and accepted, with safe and supportive communities for everyone to grow and flourish.



Movement Day is a global partnership of movements, similar to Gather Movement, based in India, East Asia, South Pacific, Europe, Africa, North and South America. We are united in our values and vision to see over 2,000 cities across the world have a mature, functioning expression of unity for mission movement.

Palau Association


In Portland, USA, the Palau organisation have adopted a holistic approach to serving the city. We are working with them to further explore how churches can work together to see the social and spiritual transformation of their places.



Over the years Tearfund have pioneered an asset based approach to development. We are working with them to see how their learning can shape our thinking in terms of the transformation of our places.

national organisations

The Gather Movement also connects with a range of national organisations that offer valuable services and resources to our city unity groups: