As well as working with different town and city unity movements, we have a number of national projects that aim to bring together people and organisations to respond to specific issues that in turn benefit towns and cities. 

Movement for Recovery

Kick-started by a challenge from Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham in June 2020, Movement for Recovery is our response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are working with a number of different towns and cities to see a more strategic and coordinated response to recovery and renewal. It is about working better together to get people into jobs, business back on its feet, improve food provision, getting people out of debt, supporting those with mental health challenges, providing friendship to the isolated and supporting our kids and young people.

Movement for Homelessness and Housing

Movement for Homelessness and Housing brings together like-minded people with a heart to see everyone safely housed. We run regular summits and conferences and have created a private Face Book group which a space for shared learning to help develop partnership frameworks in our places, where people can share stories, articles, comments and questions to help us learn together.

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Movement for School Readiness


We are working together with practitioners and supportive organisations with the aim of honouring, supporting and resourcing the great work the church does with pre-school-aged children, their families and carers. This should result in even more children and families being ready to get the most out of life together, and their time at school, thus increasing their life opportunities.

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Movement for prayer is bringing together unity movement leaders and the movements themselves to encourage, support and resource each other as we pray for our places and ourselves.

We are also bringing together groups across our different places to pray into national needs that affect us all.

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